31 August 2010

mermaids and fishy tales.

how i'm going to wear my hair tomorrow. if i get up early enough.....

30 August 2010


- a constantly shifting complex succession of things seen or imagined......
love my 'brand-new 1989 edition' Merriam-Webster for learning and revisiting random beautiful words.

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something else home.

at home with natalie wood, designer of the terrific label- Something Else.

the selby

28 August 2010

you are love.

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freja beha erichsen by rafael stahelin for vogue korea sept 2010

fashion gone rogue


26 August 2010

'obsessions make my life worse and my work better....'

an amazing transient street art installation in amsterdam made from different lustres of euro coins. the planning and execution is incredible. love the patterning effect of the different brightness of copper.

via naggen.wordpress and flickr (anjens)