30 September 2010


again, again - abbey lee continues with her charming winning streak!

hanneli mustaparta

28 September 2010

exercise and modern art.

Exercise and art drawing machine by Joseph L Griffiths - a colourful and interactive alternative to watching tv at the gym? a very interesting concept. it reminds me of the spirographs i used to draw as a child.

via apartment therapy.


new kid/flutter by jill golden/shipley & halmos at gargyle

la bal masqué

with lara, mariacarla, freja and mert & marcus for Vogue Paris - how could it not be wonderful?

via fashion gone rogue

27 September 2010

dolce and gabbana spring 2011 - trousseau.

it's like a dream of a pure white, lace, crystal river. a blank canvas.


details in the fabric.

some details from the acne spring 2011 show - even more amazing up close.

via hanneli mustaparta

26 September 2010

russh into a texan spring.

Ashley Smith by Will Davidson for Russh #36

fashion gone rogue

24 September 2010

M is for marchesa, marios and mark.

loving those knitted tassled mark fast dresses and the lingerie, joan jett?-inspired looks at marios schwab. marchesa is a decadent, luxurious embellishment dream as always.